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Cocktail Jockey offers various Beverage Workshops which can be organized at your venue and can be tailored according to your requirements. We also have pre planned workshops as follows –


Learn to bartend in 2 weeks – Learn basic bartending skills and cocktail making techniques. This course includes 2-3 flair bartending techniques and some bartending tricks which will make your guests feel “Wow” when you will mix cocktails for them.In this workshop we will also go through written test/quiz that challenges your knowledge on bartending.

2 weeks – 18500/-


Cocktail Masterclass – Cocktail Masterclass is where everything falls into place. You combine the newly acquired experience from practical sessions and from theory to mix cocktails in a real bar with real spirits. We mix, taste and test the most important classics and Modern cocktails that you encounter during practical sessions and together we will find and learn about the balance of a perfect cocktail.

In Mixology we will also go through exam that challenges your creativity to create your own recipes.

One week – 14500/-


Beer Connoisseur – Good news for all Beer Lovers, we have a workshop which will help you to difference between various styles of beer get to know the truth behind popular myths associated with this fine golden liquid!

1 day – 5500/-

 Get Into The Spirits – Materials Included: Cocktail Recipes, Training, Preparation and Tasting of 5 hand crafted cocktails, based on each major spirit category.
This seminar will show you how to create custom cocktails in each of the five main spirit categories: Vodka, Rum, Gin, Whiskey and Tequila. Each cocktail is guaranteed to satisfy your guests’ unique taste and preferences. This is the science of mixology. Practicing behind Cocktail Jockey’s bar, you will be creating the most asked for drinks with focus on efficient and accurate service.

You are already on your way to mastering the hottest cocktails of today and tomorrow.

5 days – 12500/-

Wine Appreciation – Learn all the secrets of wine with the knowledge of wine producing regions of the world, how to taste wine and how to store wine. Workshop will include tasting of 5 different wines.

This workshop will also include Wine production and tasting of some wine cocktails exclusively designed by our trainer.

1 Day – 7500/-

Martini & Mojito Session – In one afternoon you can gain a basic understanding of mixology that will help you make great drinks at home for your family and friends. Participants in Martini & Mojito Session will learn to muddle, stir and shake, all while crafting well balanced, delicious drinks. In this class, we’ll explore two classic cocktails & their variants

– Mojitos: We’ll discuss rum and sugarcane spirits while learning how and why to muddle a mojito.
– Martinis: Learn about the classic gin martini and the importance of vermouth in this stirred cocktail.

All of these drinks will demonstrate how to achieve balance in cocktails and help you tackle that home liquor cabinet with finesse.

2 days  — 7500/-

Mocktail Master – Mocktails are a type of cocktails that contain no or an insignificant of alcohol. Mocktails are also known as Virgin Drinks. Mocktails have become a popular drink with everyone, especially the kids and teetotalers.

This workshop is for consumers and everybody else who wish to try new flavorful drinks without adding alcohol in their favorite drink and Cocktail Jockey have a great workshop for them.

1 day  — 5500/-

World of Whisky Experience – Spend few hours of your life with Whisky Expert from Scotland who will guide you all about whisky its regions and difference between Scotch and other whiskies, magic of ageing and how to taste whisky. We will guide you to appreciate Whisky like a Whisky Master.

Session will include tasting of different style of whisky and cocktail made with the whisky.

1 day – 7500/-

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